Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Weigh-In: July 5, 2008

Weight: 376.4 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 15.4 lbs in 8 weeks

I have a friend who hosts a 4th of July pool party every year. Her brother is a man who's quite serious about his meat and his BBQ is not to be missed. Mind you, I'm not talking about meat smothering in BBQ sauce. I'm talking real Texas BBQ. Meat smoked and then cooked in a BBQ pit with sauce available on the side if you want it but it's certainly not necessary. He goes all out with beef brisket, chicken, ribs, and sausage. A nephew's birthday is also at this time of year so his mother provided a cookie "cake". This year was extra special because my friend's sister was getting married for the second time and they were holding a casual ceremony by the side of the pool so there was a wedding cake as well. Finally, my friend's daughter made cookies.

So with this bounty of tasty food available, what's a person who's trying to lose weight to do? Knowing what was coming, I tried to be extra good about the things I was eating all week long. Then yesterday I had all the good food that I wanted but I made sure to keep my portions small and not pig out. As for the desserts, I politely declined the cake but had a cookie. I ate well but I also showed self-control and I don't think I did myself any real damage.

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