Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Weigh-In: July 26, 2008

Weight: 378 lbs.

Total Weight Lost: 13.8 lbs in 11 weeks

I hate having to make a post like this. Obviously I've been backsliding. On Monday and Tuesday I was helping my parents out with some things at their house and, as usual, they wanted to take me to lunch. Both days we went to a place they like that I'd never been to before. I could have eaten healthy but I wanted to see how the restaurant did on some old favorites of mine so Monday I have red beans and rice with sausage and on Tuesday I had a shrimp po-boy with fries. Both days was too much fat and starch.

Unfortunately it didn't end there. Monday I was feeling guilty about lunch so I decided to just skip dinner but then got really hungry and wound up getting into some ice cream I'd bought for my cheat day instead. Additionally, I've been adding too much fat to my meals at home. I typically have a slice of whole grain wheat bread with lunch and/or dinner. Lately I've been toasting and buttering it and sometimes sprinkling it with cheese before putting it into the toaster oven. I've also been allowing myself to put more cheese on my salads. In my search for a new supplier for my cottage cheese, I stumbled across a parmesan romano salad dressing that I decided to try out. Unfortunately it's not low fat and I've been rather liberal in applying it to my salads.

This week I need to concentrate on getting back on track. I've got to lay off the cheese and butter and salad dressing and get back to eating right.

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