Monday, November 9, 2009

Debra Medina for Texas Governor

I've been conflicted about who to vote for in the race for Texas Governor. Though I have defended Kay Bailey Hutchison in the past, I'm not real crazy about the job she's done as a Senator. In my opinion she's something of a RINO, pursuing liberal policies when she believes they'll be of benefit to her whether they are good for her constituents or not. The problem is, I've felt much the same way about Rick Perry. I prefer him to Hutchison but he's pretty liberal in his own right. He says a lot of the right words but his actions don't really show him to be someone I'd like to reelect.

This morning the Walton & Johnson radio show introduced me to Debra Medina. I'd never heard of her before but browsing her web site I like the positions she takes on a lot of the issues. If you're looking for a conservative candidate for governor you just might want to check her out.