Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Weigh-In: July 19, 2008

Weight: 374.2 lbs.

Total Weight Lost: 17.6 lbs in 10 weeks

It was a disappointing week. I made some bad food choices. The grocery store I normally go to discontinued one of the food items that's become a staple of my diet and has been out of several others.

The discontinued item was Breakstone's Low Fat Cottage Cheese which I usually have for breakfast along with a serving of raisin bran. I suppose the technically haven't discontinued it. They no longer carry the large tubs but just the small, more expensive, snack size. Since I'm not willing to pay the extra money for the snack size, I need to start going somewhere else to get it. I could just switch brands, Kroger also carries Borden, Daisy and their own brand but I've tried them all and they all have an unpleasant tang that I don't like so I'll stick with Breakstone's.

But anytime something happens to break your routine, it's an opportunity to go back to old, unhealthy habits and that's sort of what happened to me this week.

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