Friday, February 27, 2009

The Houston Tea Party

As Congress prepares to pass a $400 billion spending bill filled with over 8,000 earmarks, i.e. pork, after having just passed a $1 trillion pork-filled "stimulus" bill that the Congressional Budget Office admits won't have any real effect on the economy for a couple of years, people in Houston and around the country decided the time was right to hold a tea party. Inspired by the Boston Tea Party, these citizens are protesting people who have been fiscally responsible being forced to subsidize those who have not been fiscally responsible. I think CNBC's Rick Santelli summed things up quite nicely.

If you haven't heard anything about this before now, that would be because most of the media has decided that thousands of people staging a tax revolt isn't newsworthy. Look for more non-coverage on April 15 and July 4 when more tea parties are planned.

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