Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stop It, Evil Hand! Stop It!

Wednesday it snowed here in Houston and as I was standing outside, in my capacity of usher at church, watching it snow I couldn't help but be reminded of the Angel episode where Angel cuts off Lindsey's hand and then Lindsey's bosses at law firm Wolfram & Hart arrange for him to receive a hand transplant only it turns out that his new hand is evil.

What? You don't see the connection? Well, once Lindsey realizes he has this evil hand he also realizes that he can blame all sorts of bad behavior on it.

If I had an evil hand I'm pretty sure it would want to grab Stephanie Romanov's ass too.

Still not seeing the connection? Okay, it's like this. As I was watching one of Houston's extremely rare snowfalls I couldn't help but give thanks for global warming. Were it not for global warming, obviously Houston would have been in the middle of an intense blizzard rather than just receiving a light dusting of snow that kids could play in but which would be gone by morning. I'm being sarcastic for those who can't tell. I mean, all this catastrophic global warming is supposed to be going on but here we were having a slightly colder than average December.

Of course this is why global warming has been replaced by climate change. They can't accurately predict what's really going on with the climate and were starting to look foolish pushing global warming so now they talk about climate change instead. You can't count on things continuing to warm up but you can be pretty sure the weather is going to change from day to day. It's hot? Its climate change. It's cold? Its climate change. The sun is shining? Climate change. Rain? Climate change. Snow? Climate change. Like an evil hand, anything can be blamed on climate change. Me? I'm a bit skeptical of any alarmist claims that can attribute anything to a cause that can't be accurately modeled or predicted.

That's not to say that we shouldn't do something about trying to develop sources of clean energy or eliminate pollution. A clean environment is its own reward. But we shouldn't cripple our economy out of fear of a phantom evil hand that may not even be there.

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