Thursday, September 4, 2008


For those who missed it, here is Sarah Palin's speech to the Republican National Convention last night:

ABC News has the transcript.

I have reservations about Palin's lack of experience but, let's face it, both the Republicans and Democrats are running inexperienced politicians this year and at least with the Republican's the inexperience is at the bottom of the ticket unlike the Democrats where the inexperience is at the top.

For the past week, Palin and her family have had to endure all manner of outrageous claims that were about as substantial as those that Obama has a gerbil fetish just because he likes to dress gerbils up in lederhosen. Even the mainstream media has given up all pretense of being unbiased in order to spread lies about Palin. And if you think for one minute that the media doesn't know they're spreading lies watch this clip of Fox's Megyn Kelly speaking to the editor of a hit piece from Us Weekly magazine:

Those who have been smearing Palin have been patting themselves on the back, confident that they were on the verge of forcing her to withdraw from the race. Well, as they found at last night, you mess with the hockey mom, you get the stick. She delivered a great speech to a conservative base that has been energized by her addition to the ticket. They clearly love Palin and the vicious, sexist attacks against her have only served to make them rally in her defense.

The best response to Palin's speech that the Democrats have been able to come up with so far is that someone wrote it for her. It's a stupid response when you consider that Obama, Biden, and McCain all have their own speech writers and apparently Palin was actively involved in the writing of her speech. That's probably why she was able to deliver it so well after her teleprompter malfunctioned forcing her to "wing" it.

For the first time I'm actually feeling kind of excited about this election. While I do disagree with Palin on some issues, overall I find that I really like her. Is that enough to get me to vote Republican this year? Probably not but I do find myself thinking that a McCain presidency might not be such a bad thing and maybe in a few years we'll see a more experienced Sarah Palin running on the top of the ticket with someone like Bobby Jindal as her VP. Now that could very well be something to get excited about.

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