Friday, August 1, 2008

Democrats: the Jack-Booted Thug Party

Today has been a fairly exciting day politically speaking. After Nancy Pelosi refused to bring to a vote the offshore oil drilling ban and, instead, adjourned the House for a 5 week vacation a small contingent of Republicans refused to leave the House. They've spent the day speaking out about the current energy situation. Instead of returning to debate the issue, the Democrats have resorted to turning out the lights and turning off the microphones and TV cameras. When that failed to squelch the Republican revolt, the Democrats kicked reporters out of the Speaker's Lobby and the police were sent in to remove them from the press gallery as well. Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) blocked this move by going to the gallery to talk to reporters since the police couldn't very well remove them while they were talking to a Congressman.

The latest from Pete Hoekstra's twitter page indicates that now the Capital Hill police have orders to shut the Capital down at 4:30 PM which is about the time I'm writing this. Should be interesting to see what happens. No matter how it turns out, today's events should make it plain to everyone that the Democrat Party is against our First Amendment rights of Free Speech, Peaceful Assembly, and the Freedom of the Press.

Update: Apparently the police have finally removed the reporters from the galleries.

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