Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss USA

The Miss USA pageant is back in the news again this year. The Arab-American Muslim winner was asked the hard hitting question of whether or not health insurance should pay for contraceptives.

Meanwhile Miss Oklahoma was asked the softball question of if Arizona's new immigration law should be mandated by the state or by the federal government given that critics claim it amounts to racial profiling.

Seriously? In what world are these questions remotely equivalent? There's really no right or wrong with Miss Michigan's question. People might disagree that insurance should pay for birth control but no one is going to get really worked up about it. On the other hand, whatever side of the question Miss Oklahoma took, someone was going to be angry. How about asking Miss Michigan a harder question on the order of the one asked of Miss Oklahoma? Something like this?

Now I don't think Rima Fakih is a Muslim extremist. I mean not only is a burqa nowhere to be seen in her Miss USA photos but the woman won a pole dancing contest back in 2007. I just think if you're going to ask one contestant a loaded question that you should ask all contestants a loaded question.

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